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I'm all for equality of opportunity.

Equality of opportunity is a value I hold dear

Yet I love sexist, racist and nearly every other kind of politically incorrect humour. I'm not sure why!

About 1 year ago
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Companies today don’t treat employees as valued stakeholders.

Companies without soul

Companies today don’t treat employees as valued stakeholders. And that's a massive mistake.

Money Business Relationships
About 1 year ago
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The Emirates first-class suite.

What it's really like to fly first class

Time literally flies when you're having fun in Emirates first class.

Transport International Travel
About 1 year ago
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Else>>>der people are moving into sharehousing just to afford the rent.

Are you a senior renting in a share house?


Can you see yourself renting in a share house as a senior? Or are you already? These folks are part of that growing trend.

Money Property Ageing
About 1 year ago
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This week's Who Am I? is more difficult.

Who am I? Guess my name to win a bottle of wine

Follow these 10 clues and if you correctly guess the answer, you could win.

Movies TV Music Politics Celebrities
About 1 year ago
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Edinburgh's famous castle sitting on volcanic rock.

Top things to do and see in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is not just a pretty face, there's plenty to see and do there, too!

Food International Travel Drink Scotland
About 1 year ago
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The time for empathy is now.

Are we slowly losing empathy?

My social media and newsfeeds are filled with horrendous content and information that only leaves me with a bad taste in my...

Relationships Support a Cause Kindness Politics
About 1 year ago
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Too damn sexy.

Is the LC 500 the hottest Lexus ever?

Get down and dirty as Exhaust Notes takes the powerful Lexus LC 500 through its paces.

Transport Technology Hobbies
About 1 year ago
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It's 35 years since the Ash Wednesday bushfires in South Australia and Victoria claimed 75 lives and more than 2500 buildings.