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Do you have your own gripe with your local or state government? And what are the streets like in your part of town, in your home state?

If you'd like me to fire a rocket up them, or a shoddy business, I'm listening! You can email me here.

The over-50s are the invisible generation.

Over 50? We're the invisible generation

The over-50s are everywhere - yet why do we feel like we're not seen?

Beauty Culture Ageing
About 1 year ago
(Entertainment & Culture)
How you live is your business, not the church's - and certainly not Margaret Court's.

How you live is your business

As ignorant as the words of Margaret Court are, I will defend her right to voice them and in doing so, give voice to her deep...

Marriage Equality Relationships LGBTI
About 1 year ago
(Love & Relationships)
The concept of enemies serves no useful purpose.

In the case for good versus evil, who is good?

Enemies, they are little more than someone to blame. The concept of 'enemy' provides no useful role!

Australia US Politics Relationships
About 1 year ago
US President George Washington was the very definition of a terrorist.

What is terrorism?

Do you really know what terrorism is? Are we really looking at it the right way?

Politics History
About 1 year ago
Cowardly politicians are life a misery for many Australians - including children - their days filled with unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Marijuana: The time for stupidity has passed


Gutless, ignorant politicians are causing sick people a world of pain.

Politics Health
Over 1 year ago
(Health & Beauty)
Advertising agencies and their clients are at their worst when they push unhealthy fast foods during children’s television time.

Stop swallowing these dodgy messages

There are alternatives to unethical marketing, but stamping it out is down to you, the consumer.

Over 1 year ago
(Money & Business)
We continue to worship the wrong heroes, favouring celebrity and sporting prowess over bravery and achievement.

Why don't we honour the most worthy?

Why is it that we describe sports people as great? Are they? Aren't scientists, teachers and police great?

Celebrities ANZAC Day Social Issues Relationships
Over 1 year ago
ANZAC Day should be about quiet contemplation - not flashy flyovers and pubs cashing in on misery.

ANZAC Day is no time to celebrate

There is absolutely nothing to celebrate on ANZAC Day, which has become a circus.

Social Issues Australia ANZAC Day
Over 1 year ago
Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch .

The pathetic state of our media

Is Rupert Murdoch an actual news man, or in the political opinion business? I reckon it's the latter.

Politics Money Business YsBlogger
Over 1 year ago
(Money & Business)
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