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Compassionate carer and elder enthusiast!

Proudly empowering Seniors to maintain independence and grow old gracefully in their own homes

Sharing my heartfelt adventures & candid observations in a blog: Don't Get Old!


Junior was beside himself! Turning sharply to look at me, his face strained in terror .

When young people talk to old people, BADLY

There's a lot to be gained in teaching our kids not to be wimpy in the art of conversation.

Kindness Ageing Relationships
Over 1 year ago
(Love & Relationships)
Radio: It's like television, only the pictures are better!  Picture: iStock.

Why radio will never go out of fashion

Old-fashioned radio: Helping our elders stay tuned (and a lot less lonely) since 1947.

Ageing Technology Music
Over 1 year ago
(Entertainment & Culture)
To bidet, or not bidet .

To bidet, or not bidet?

That, is the toileting question....

Health Property Relationships Ageing
Over 1 year ago
(Health & Beauty)
Such a gorgeous couple, proving love stands the test of time.

Humble photo captures the purest kind of love

Grab your tissues! If you've ever wondered what true love really is: it's this!

Kindness Ageing Relationships
Over 1 year ago
(Love & Relationships)
Forget the dust-gathering china and other materialistic frippery, all your mum wants for Christmas is time with you.

All your mum wants for Christmas is time with you!

Buying the perfect Christmas gift for an ageing rellie can be quite the headache. How 'bout this year, we buy them something...

Christmas Ageing Relationships
Over 1 year ago
(Love & Relationships)
Is there anyone lower than someone who preys on vulnerable pensioners?  Pic: istock.

A letter to 'Tom', the vermin scammer

Too hard to prove. Too sleazy to catch. Scams against the elderly are going unchecked in our suburbs.

Ageing Small Business Scam Cash
Over 1 year ago
It would be lovely to think every family enjoyed this beautiful tradition.

Fond memories of the goodbye wave

The simple act of waving goodbye is more than a tradition to me. Wouldn't it be nice to think that every family did this?

Ageing Relationships Family
Over 1 year ago
(Love & Relationships)
It's a shame Australian families don't embrace their elderly more like the Italian, Chinese and Indian communities.

Our elders are people, too!

If it was good enough for Gandhi, then maybe we should be touching grandma's feet, too?

Retirement Aged-Care Elderly
Over 1 year ago
(Love & Relationships)
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