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Topic of the week

Changing Australia Day from January 26 harms no one, but includes many.

Nobody suffers if we shift Australia Day celebrations

Why our Prime Minister's Australia Day stance is dishonest, divisive and wrong.

Politics Community Australia Day Australia
1 day ago
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Discussion of the week

We can do this .

Share your new year's resolution hacks here

So it's mid-January and some of our new year's resolutions are waivering. We want to hear your tips to stay motivated and quit...

Fitness Health
4 days ago
(Health & Beauty)

Your Memories

Great TV from the 1960s.

Do you remember these classic TV shows?


Five of my all-time favourite TV shows from the 1960s still hold up today, thanks to cleverly written dialogue and entertaining...

Celebrities Nostalgia TV
About 2 hours ago
(Entertainment & Culture)

Your Stories

Scrapbooking can be simple, quick, but still beautiful!.

Putting all those smartphone photos to good use

If you are hoarding photos on your phone or computer, and wondering what to do with them, read on.

Pastimes Photography
2 days ago

Your Rants

Note the shoes, bags and foodstuffs dumped in the William St doorway on the right.

Will anyone fix the social issues in the City of Perth?

Thieves, derelicts, druggies, public urinators, illegal parkers and beggars ... oh the daily joys of working in the city of...

Politics Western Australia Social Issues
2 days ago
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Your Causes

These recipients are proving that organ donation is life.

Transplant athletes flying flag for organ donation

For proof of the benefits of organ and tissue donation, you need look no further than these elite athletes.

Fitness Health Support a Cause Sport
3 days ago

World-first vet science app to help every dog have its day

It is hoped a world-first app released by the University of Sydney will help dog owners to become more mindful of their pet's...

Dogs Pets Technology
Originally from abc.net.au

Dog gets adorable maternity photo shoot (and 11 puppies!)

Maternity shoots aren't only for humans — and we have the pics to prove it!

Dogs Pregnancy Birth Motherhood
Originally from today.com

Dogs are parachuting from the sky to help save wildlife

Meet the canines that are training to help take down criminals in Africa.

Dogs Environment
Originally from nationalgeographic.com

Mojito the therapy dog has a thirst for toys

Every dog loves toys, but three-year-old therapy dog Mojito’s love for them is something else.

Dogs Pets Cute
Originally from boredpanda.com

Starving dog rescued, taken to restaurants every day

This cutie was once a starving stray who ate whatever he could find, now the fluffy foodie dines on the best food in town,...

Dogs Pets Cute
Originally from boredpanda.com

Dogs understand how much we love them: expert

We recently learned that your dog most likely lovingly dreams of you, so it should be no surprise that you are on their mind...

Dogs Pets Cute
Originally from people.com

Man builds fence window for dog to say hi to neighbour

Fences are divisive inventions—often used as dividing lines between properties and to keep things in or to keep things out -...

Dogs Pets Cute
Originally from mymodernmet.com

Dog freaks out when his human mimics his every move

Mel the friendly boxer doesn't know what to make of her dog-like human.

Dogs Pets Cute
Originally from wimp.com

Adopted labradoodle and his boy win the internet

Foster child Buddy and his best friend Reagan the labradoodle are releasing a charitable book to support a foster parent...

Dogs Pets Cute Support a Cause
Originally from boredpanda.com
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The moment an unidentified man is knocked out cold from behind, right outside our office on William St.

WA Govt, City of Perth ignore inner-city piggery

A coward-punch attack and a...

(Ys Comment) About 5 hours ago
If you look after your digestive health, life will be much sweeter for you and yours.

A happy gut equals a happy life

Nobody wants gut-health...

(Epicure) 4 days ago
Top Indonesian chef Chandra Yudasswara will be cooking up a secret storm for Taste Great Southern.

Celebrity chef set for a Secret Affair in Great Southern

Take one of Indonesia's top...

(Epicure) About 6 hours ago
Spend time with your friends!.

10 powerful tips for self-investment

When we prioritise...

(Health & Beauty) 4 days ago
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