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Topic of the week

Embrace training to stay relevant in an ever-changing workplace.

How to stay relevant at work


Companies are moving toward automation over human skills. Here's what you need to do to stay relevant at work.

Money Work
8 months ago
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Discussion of the week

Do you have a canny tip for saving money.

Share your money-saving hacks here

Everyone loves to save a dollar or two when they can. Do you have any money-saving tips to share with your YsFriends?

11 months ago
(Money & Business)

Your Memories

I hated school, but felt free during the daily walk there and back.

Do you remember walking to school?

Walking the few kilometres to and from school used to be a favourite part of my day. That's not the case for today's kids.

Culture Community Nostalgia
11 months ago

Your Stories

Cows enjoying the breeze from fans.

Wind turbines keeping cows cool, and other tales

My wife has a habit of putting her foot in it and it can be so funny, I have to share.

Domestic Travel Relationships Community Australia
8 months ago

Your Rants

Who's worse, member unions or business? Picture: Supplied.

Are unions as bad as business?

Employer unions, employee unions or unethical business. Who's worse?

Money Work Politics
8 months ago

Your Causes

photo credit @geoff.

Why invest in women and girls?

As we celebrate International Women's Day today, we'd love you to ponder this Desmond Tutu quote, which we totally agree with.

Support a Cause Kindness Community
8 months ago

How to build this timber outdoor table

At a loose end this weekend? You could try building this timber outdoor table with a cutout top for flowers or herbs.

Property How To DIY Hobbies
Originally from handyman.net.au

Why poetry matters now more than ever

In times like these, we need poetry more than ever. Here’s why.

Culture Hobbies
Originally from lifehack.org

Genius of Paul McCartney's bass-playing in 7 tracks

Paul McCartney's soulful bass lines have given us some of the most memorable melodies in music history.

Music Hobbies
Originally from openculture.com
(Entertainment & Culture)

Homeowner's Christmas light show pays tribute to Prince

Watch as 10,000 lights sync to Purple Rain in this epic Prince Christmas tribute.

Property Music Hobbies
Originally from time.com
(Entertainment & Culture)

Crochet project draws global attention to reef's plight

A New York museum is showcasing a large crochet installation by two Aussie sisters drawing attention to the plight of the Great...

Culture Environment Hobbies
Originally from mentalfloss.com
(Entertainment & Culture)

Come drifting through an abandoned Soviet missile base

A trio of badass drift cars head to Latvia for a little post-Soviet action.

Transport Hobbies
Originally from popularmechanics.com
The appeal of the TV sporting event is deep-seated.

Why men go catatonic in front of TV sport

The game can light us up like Manhattan and put our incessant mind chatter to bed.

TV Sport Hobbies
About 2 years ago
(Sport & Leisure)

Create a backyard cricket pitch with this easy, expert guide

Les Burdett, who was Head Curator at the Adelaide Oval for more than 40 years, shares his expert tips for creating a...

Sport DIY Hobbies
Originally from handyman.net.au

Bun cha Vietnamese pork ball noodle salad recipe

For a sexy new twist on picnic food, why not try this Vietnamese dish made from pork and noodles. Pack in individual serves and...

Food Cooking Hobbies
Originally from goodfood.com.au
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It's 35 years since the Ash Wednesday bushfires in South Australia and Victoria claimed 75 lives and more than 2500 buildings.