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French bulldogs are flat-faced and unable to properly breathe.

How we are loving some dogs to death

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If you truly love dogs, you must watch this video. Then share it with your friends.

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2 days ago
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Discussion of the week

What does Christmas mean to you? Share your story with us> Picture: Shutterstock.

Christmas: Love it or hate it?

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What does Christmas mean to you? Share your story and you could win.

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16 days ago

Your Memories

They were happy days in the time of black and white.

Do you remember black and white?

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It was a time when most of your media was devoid of colour. And it was great!

Movies Technology TV
1 day ago

Your Stories

Under the shade of a coolabah tree.

Once a jolly swagman

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Did you know that the billabong in Waltzing Matilda actually exists? I've been there - and laid under a coolabah tree.

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5 days ago

Your Rants

Inappropriate relatives are one of the joys of Christmas.

Christmas, the season so bizarre

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Sure, it is great to see the kids, but what about lecherous Uncle Bill, drunken Aunty Mary and the sister who bores you shitless?

Money Relationships Christmas
About 23 hours ago
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Your Causes

Dr Gary Johns.

Should charities advocate?

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It's a debate we need to have: should charities be free to lobby the governments they are funded by in a bid to change policy?

Community Support a Cause
About 1 hour ago

Shared wisdom

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I love this quote. It really sums up my recent journey through life.

Originally from member (maxi)
Over 1 year ago

Stirring up hate is not the Aussie family way!

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OPINION: I’m seriously tickled pink at the Greens. They've pulled the rug from under the PM by declaring they will block...

Marriage Equality Relationships
Over 1 year ago
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Ripper dad jokes get a laugh

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Here's my pick of some of the best dad jokes on the internet, in honour of Father's Day.

Dad Jokes Fun Relationships
Over 1 year ago
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Can your relationship survive a renovation?

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Do relationships and renovating go together?

Property Renovation Relationships
Originally from domain.com.au
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All these children should be valued the same, writes Subversive Sam.

Some people are worth less than others

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We place a very different value on the lives of different people - a reflection of just how self-centred human beings are.

Relationships Social Issues
About 1 year ago
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How to keep what's yours when a relationship fails

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When Jeanne-Vida (JV) Douglas and Simon Lyster decided to move in together, there was never any question they wanted to have...

Assets Break Up Relationships
Originally from watoday.com.au
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Falling in love without words

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Angie first met her husband Tony Meli when she said she was learning to communicate using Auslan — Australian sign language —...

Marriage Love Relationships
Originally from abc.net.au
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Can a couple survive if they sleep in separate beds?

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Do you sleep in the same bed as your partner or in separate rooms?

Marriage Sleep Relationships
Originally from abc.net.au
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The rise of the ‘bromosexual’ friendship

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A recent ad for the US TV show Shahs of Sunset finds two of its male stars lazing on lounge chairs at the beach. Amid a scene...

Relationships Friendship
Originally from executivestyle.com.au
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When it comes to great bloggers you can connect with, this list has you covered.

20 mature bloggers worth following

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