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Topic of the week

The ultimate crowd pleaser.

A nod to the legend of NISMO

SOMETHING happened to us while we were out driving our latest tasty road test treat, in this case the 2018 Nissan 370Z NISMO.

Speed Cars Automobiles
About 19 hours ago

Discussion of the week

Do you have a canny tip for saving money.

Share your money-saving hacks here

Everyone loves to save a dollar or two when they can. Do you have any money-saving tips to share with your YsFriends?

About 1 month ago
(Money & Business)

Your Memories

I hated school, but felt free during the daily walk there and back.

Do you remember walking to school?

Walking the few kilometres to and from school used to be a favourite part of my day. That's not the case for today's kids.

Community Culture Nostalgia
About 1 month ago

Your Stories

Online shopping with AR technology.

How to stop buying the wrong products online

Have you ever ordered a product online and then realized you were not satisfied with it because it was too different from your...

Opticals Vision Eyes
14 days ago
(Health & Beauty)

Your Rants

Marriage is a con, serving no purpose at all.

Marriage is a symptom of ugliness

Relationships and love have astonishing value. But marriage? Pffffft, what a con!

Social Issues Community Relationships
About 1 month ago
(Love & Relationships)

5 decisions you can make now to feel happier instantly

Finding happiness doesn't have to be hard.

Happiness Relationships Health
Originally from huffingtonpost.com
(Health & Beauty)

Here's how to make friends as an adult

Five secrets backed by research.

Relationships Ageing Kindness
Originally from bakadesuyo.com
(Love & Relationships)

Melania's swat shows she too cannot stand her husband

The first lady’s hand slap heard ’round the world is far from the first time she’s shown disdain for her husband. Welcome to...

Trump Relationships US Politics
Originally from thedailybeast.com
(Love & Relationships)
Finding a life partner in middle age and older can be intimidating.

Looking for cupid in midlife and beyond

When the idea of finding love online doesn't appeal, and pubs and clubs aren't an option, where do you look for a life partner?

Relationships Ageing Technology
10 months ago
(Love & Relationships)
The last two Australians to receive the dealth penalty, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

We're all a product of our environment

No one is 100% responsible for their behaviour, because we are all products of our environment.

Relationships Religion Philosophy
11 months ago

Here's your love horoscope for the year of 2017

What's in store for you on the romantic front in 2017? Admit it ... you're curious!

Relationships Dating
Originally from glamour.com
(Love & Relationships)

Winmar's historic stand against AFL racism could soon be a statue

Footballer Nicky Winmar's moment as a proud indigenous man standing up to abuse could soon be immortalised.

AFL Relationships History
Originally from huffingtonpost.com.au
(Sport & Leisure)

Girl moves birthday to nursing home so grandma can attend

"She was so choked up and had tears streaming down her face."

Relationships Ageing
Originally from huffingtonpost.com.au

Now's the time for PM to move on marriage equality

It will give him a legacy he can be proud of.

Relationships Social Issues Politics
Originally from huffingtonpost.com.au
(Love & Relationships)
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Corporal punishment was all the rage when I was at school.

Do you remember the cane and strap?

It doesn't seem that long...

(Nostalgia) 3 months ago
Suzuki's cute little Ignis SUV has a lot going for it.

Review: 2017 Suzuki Ignis GL and GLX

Japanese car maker Suzuki,...

(Pastimes) 9 months ago
The ultimate crowd pleaser.

A nod to the legend of NISMO

SOMETHING happened to us...

(Pastimes) About 19 hours ago
Big leap forward for new Santa Fe.

Korean SUV takes another step forward

IT represents Korean car...

(Pastimes) 8 days ago
Pre-prepared meals can be a great and healthy time saver.

Taking the stress out of dinner time

Frazzled, time-poor...

(Epicure) About 1 month ago
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Photographic memories
It's 35 years since the Ash Wednesday bushfires in South Australia and Victoria claimed 75 lives and more than 2500 buildings.