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Topic of the week

French bulldogs are flat-faced and unable to properly breathe.

How we are loving some dogs to death

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If you truly love dogs, you must watch this video. Then share it with your friends.

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2 days ago
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Discussion of the week

What does Christmas mean to you? Share your story with us> Picture: Shutterstock.

Christmas: Love it or hate it?

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What does Christmas mean to you? Share your story and you could win.

Support a Cause Kindness Relationships Christmas
16 days ago

Your Memories

They were happy days in the time of black and white.

Do you remember black and white?

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It was a time when most of your media was devoid of colour. And it was great!

Movies Technology TV
1 day ago

Your Stories

Under the shade of a coolabah tree.

Once a jolly swagman

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Did you know that the billabong in Waltzing Matilda actually exists? I've been there - and laid under a coolabah tree.

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5 days ago

Your Rants

Inappropriate relatives are one of the joys of Christmas.

Christmas, the season so bizarre

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Sure, it is great to see the kids, but what about lecherous Uncle Bill, drunken Aunty Mary and the sister who bores you shitless?

Money Relationships Christmas
About 23 hours ago
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Your Causes

Dr Gary Johns.

Should charities advocate?

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It's a debate we need to have: should charities be free to lobby the governments they are funded by in a bid to change policy?

Community Support a Cause
About 1 hour ago

Six ways to keep moving while you watch TV

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It was around the fourth episode of Outlander one wet weekend that I understood the true glueing-your-bum-to-the-seat effect of...

TV Exercise Fitness Health
Originally from juicedaily.com.au
(Health & Beauty)

'60 Minutes fabricated lies to leave me rotting in jail'

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Ex-Australian soldier Adam Whittington has told Sunday Night that 60 Minutes left him to rot in one of the world's worst...

TV 60 Minutes Kidnap
Originally from watoday.com.au
(Entertainment & Culture)

Have You Been Paying Attention to the naughtiest TV show?

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Have You Been Paying Attention? is the little quiz show that could. It's also an instructive lesson in how to make TV both...

TV Network Ten Comedy
Originally from watoday.com.au
(Entertainment & Culture)

Survivor’s secret romance finally revealed

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Following weeks of playing it coy in the face of mounting speculation, Survivor contestants Lee Carseldine and El Rowland have...

TV Relationships
Originally from news.com.au
(Entertainment & Culture)

Is Trump using campaign to pave way for new TV network?

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Suspicions that Donald Trump is using his campaign as a launch pad for a right-wing media empire have grown with reports that...

TV Donald Trump Presidential race
Originally from watoday.com.au
(Entertainment & Culture)

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart's blazing new cooking show

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They say opposites attract and this couldn't be more true than when it comes to the unlikely pairing of Martha Stewart and...

TV Food Cooking
Originally from huffingtonpost.com.au
(Entertainment & Culture)

Jamie Oliver's seriously healthy choc beetroot cake

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A healthy twist on everyone's favorite, Jamie Oliver wins, hands-down, with this chocolate beetroot cake recipe.

TV Food Cooking Health
Originally from delicious.com.au

Why Anthony Bourdain's favourite destination is Japan

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Over the course of 15 years and four travel shows, Anthony Bourdain has toured 80 countries, delving into their histories and...

TV Food International Travel
Originally from businessinsider.com.au
(Entertainment & Culture)

Foxtel over the NBN could cost you $240 a month

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Despite cheaper introductory first month pricing, Foxtel's NBN plans are expensive.

TV Technology
Originally from gizmodo.com.au
(Entertainment & Culture)
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